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Typewriters are coming back (well not all the way, Macbook)
as collectible, functional pieces of art. They truly are fantastical in their design–people everywhere are snatching them up these days. Much like vinyl LPs instead of CDs, the tangibility of the experience harkens back to the beauty and quality of how the final product makes one feel. Whether you’re an interior designer/decorator or budding poet, everyone needs a typewriter to push the room to a more conducive vibe for creativity.

“…”They’re brilliant combinations of art and engineering,”…”

Tom Hanks, Actor

Coin Collectors

Coin collectors are the smartest out there. Who’d think one can make a dollar from a quarter? And what about the quarter worth $50 20 years from now? Toddlers find it shiny and irresistible. Everyone needs it sometimes and there’s always more to come. It’s not just change, it’s retirement.

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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars, new and old, are always collector’s items. Whether you’re looking for a rare vintage Martin or a 1950’s Gibson, Charlotte Shopping Online is the place for you.

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Works of art, functional, machines of masterpiece makers: Typewriters have become a popular vintage necessity, both useful and a perfect touch for any den or office.


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